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Our largest Belay Gate promotes climber safety by reducing clipping errors and covering starting holds. The Rectangular Belay Gate was designed to meet the latest international safety standards. Includes: carbon fiber rods to retain shape and graphical instructions to remind climbers everywhere of proper clipping procedure.

Belay Gate XL - Rectangle

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  • Most auto belay incidents occur as a result of users forgetting to clip in. The Rectangular Belay Gate forms a physical barrier between climbers and the bottom of the wall, forcing users to clip in long before they ever leave the ground. Plus, the increased size of the Rectangular Belay Gate allows route setters to cover more starting holds more easily, preventing climbers from circumventing the belay gate. For added coverage, Rectangular Belay Gates can be installed side-by-side, forming a solid line of protection.

    As an extra reminder, the words “CLIP IN” are printed on the outside in bold lettering, along with simple graphical instructions illustrating how to correctly attach the carabiner to a climbing harness.

    When a climber is auto belaying, the Rectangular Belay Gate lays flat on the ground, alerting others that there is a climber above them. In addition, the words “CLIMBER ABOVE” and an easily understood warning image are printed on the inside of the belay gate

    The Rectangular Belay Gate is built with premium core foam and contains two carbon fiber rods, allowing it to retain its shape, regardless of whether it is hanging upright or laying down.

    • Heavy duty nylon construction
    • Premium semi-rigid foam core
    • 47.6 inches wide x 51 inches tall (1210 mm wide x 1300 mm tall)
    • Written and graphical safety instructions
    • Two insertable carbon fiber rods prevent sagging
    • Universal adjustable lower webbing straps
    • Made in the USA

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