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***Safe Descent 10.5mm Descender***

The SAFE DESCENT PRO is a versatile descent and rescue device with a winch function. It can be operated electrically (cordless drill) or manually (ratchet, hand wheel). The winch function with patented backstop allows persons to be lifted and respectively to relieve the strain of the safety chain that is required for the subsequent safe lowering.

On request, the SAFE DESCENT is available at short notice in the standard lengths listed here. Special lengths are possible.


  • Automatic backstop (ratchet system) for safe draining
  • Approved for double occupancy
  • Slip clutch against incorrect operation
  • Pre-assembled with 10.5 mm kernmantel rope with certified end connections and color coding at the ends of the rope
  • Winch function is possible with telescopic ratchet or hand wheel
  • Can be powered using a cordless drill
  • Two sewn-in DSG steel carabiners with a palm squeeze mechanism in the terminations
  • One Triple Lock carabiner with integrated Swivel to suspend the device
  • rachet, drill bit and drill bit holder included


  • Lifting Capacity: 200 kg
  • max. descent load: 200 kg
  • Descent Load min.: 50 kg
  • max. descent distance: 160 m
  • Descent Velocity: 0,80 m/s
  • Max. user weight: 200 kg
  • Approved rope diameter: 10,5 mm
  • Certification : EN 1496: 2006 / B
  • Certification : EN 341: 2011 /1A (100kg) 1B (200kg)

EDELRID Safe Descent 10.5mm Descender

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