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Firefighter Training Exercises

Train Like It's Real

TRUBLUE Professional is the ultimate fall protection system for firefighter training exercises, including emergency bailouts, personal escape line trainings, victim removal exercises, and cadet selection process evaluations.

For the Best in Safety

Unlike a human belayer, TRUBLUE iQ always keeps the right amount of tension on your safety line. Too much tension creates an unrealistic training scenario, too much slack creates a dangerous one. With TRUBLUE, you only feel the safety line when you need it.

Best Model For Firefighter Training


  • The ultimate safety backup for firefighter training at height.

  • Magnetic braking delivers a consistent lower, regardless of user weight.

  • Certified to the highest third-party safety standards.

  • Just the right safety line tension for realistic training exercises.

  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use.

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