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The most versatile ever belay device. The GIGA JUL is a standard and assisted braking tuber in one. The assisted braking function which supports the braking force can be activated or disabled by an intelligent mechanism. For situation-dependent belaying and abseiling, especially in alpine terrain.


SKU: 737420006630
Excluding VAT
Select colour: Slate
    • Small eyelet for releasing unit with a carabiner when bringing up your partner
    • Suitable for 7.1–10.0 mm double and twin ropes
    • Intelligent hybrid design: body made of ultra-light aluminum, areas susceptible to abrasion made of robust stainless steel
    • Guide mode: simple and rapid abseiling and bringing up seconds plus comfortable belaying from a belay station as a doubled rope
    • Assisted braking guide mode: brake boost for catching falls in leader mode
    • Rope can be paid out faster in assisted braking guide mode by holding the device in the ‘open’ position with the thumb

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